Zucchini Noodles

Why are you a thing?

Seriously.  It’s pinterest-worthy, I suppose.  And I get to show people how “healthy” I am.  However, has anyone made a successful zucchini noodle before?


Recently, I made a black bean and pulled pork enchilada bake.  I needed a quick, weeknight dinner.  Had pork and black beans already cooked, plenty of zucchini, and no tortillas.  I’ve been trying to dial back on the sugars and eat more veggies lately and see zucchini everything on the internet, so why not sub the tortillas out for zucchini?  Besides, zucchini noodles are so hawt right now.

See how pretty this looks?  This is BEFORE I baked it.

However, every time I’ve made “zucchini noodles,” it ends up being a watery mess after baking.  This was no exception.

I sliced them using the big slicer on a grater.  I sprinkled them with salt to draw out the water and patted them dry afterwards.

So, if you’ve successfully made a zucchini noodle…please let me know your secrets.