Colin’s favorite place on earth.  Look at him jumping for joy.

In stories of being unprepared and suffering the consequences, take for example our camp trip in the Grand Tetons.

We arrived in the midst of a blizzard, after dark.  We found the only area open to camping and proceeded to set up our camp.  It was -10 without the wind chill.  Much to our delight, we found a bathroom in the campground that was clean AND heated.  Colin had read on the internet, though now we have to say that it was most likely not a completely reputable source OR was someone who subscribed to the Wim Hof method, on how to modify our 3 season camping set up to be a winter camping set up.  I had an extra blanket for us to cover ourselves.

We nearly lost some digits.  I don’t say this to exaggerate.  We began to lose feeling in our feet and hands as the night bore on and cold settled into our bones, creeping up through the ground and through the seams of the tent.  In order to survive the night (as it was too late to leave), we spent time in the heated bathroom and set up a propane heater to blast its magic into the tent from the outside.  It was so cold, however, that much of the heat instantly dissipated, and it only served to keep the cold at bay for so long.

Although we have great camping and outdoor gear for the Pacific Northwest, it was not sufficient for true cold.

Due to our discomfort, we were able to witness a beautiful sunrise on the Grand Tetons.  We warmed our oatmeal and our fingers by the side of the propane heater as the light slowly illuminated the view.  We walked around in the deep, powdery snow.

After realizing that we were not getting any warmer, we jumped into the car…the heater on full blast…drove a section of the park with cell phone signal and promptly booked a hotel room in Jackson Hole for that night.  On our way into town, we saw foxes, and bison, and moose, and a wolf.  With a hotel room to look forward to, a heater warming our toes, and beauty around us…our life was looking pretty grand.


Once we got to Jackson Hole, we stopped at a really great coffee shop and checked into the hotel.  It was the best hotel room that we have ever stayed in.

We’ve already started making plans to climb the Tetons in 2017.