Why We Call Ourselves Lawyer-Humans

Calling ourselves Lawyer-Humans isn’t just a horribly clever marketing ploy.  It arose out of an actual feeling that we didn’t fit the standard Lawyer mold personality-wise and it also arose out of the majority of people’s (majority of people = non-lawyer) perception of lawyers.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about in reference to the negative perception of attorneys, here is an example.

We encountered a real life example of how we are lawyer-humans at a networking event.  It was a social, Hawaii-themed mixer.  There was a scarcity of tables and even fewer chairs.  The food and drink, however, was plentiful and delicious.  We figured that we’d “mix” at the “mixer” and make friends with people already sitting at a table.  We walked up to the only table with open chairs and quickly found out why they were the only ones with open chairs.

Breaking into our best smiles, “Are these seats taken?”…silence (maybe they didn’t hear us)…”Do you mind if we join you?”

Actual response, “you can take the chairs, if you want.”

I was a little surprised, so I asked again, “so…we can’t join you…?”

Again, “You can drag the chair over to that wall over there.”

Since the wall they were gesturing at was less than 3 feet away, we could overhear their conversation.  They were…go figure…attorneys.  Every other person we met and saw at the event was welcoming and friendly (including other attorneys that we met!).  However, if we were non-lawyers and encountered that situation, we’d probably ignore all of the other nice attorneys at the event after that.

Needless to say, people are always welcome at my table.  [insert cheesy music and montage]