Things We’re Currently Obsessed With

These are 3 things that have been fueling our personal lives:

  1. Surfing.
    You can follow our surf journey on instagram under the hashtag #yearofthesurf.  We have a new favorite spot.  This picture makes it look sunny and beautiful, but if you’ve never surfed in the PacNW, let me tell you that it feels like someone just dumped a bucket of icewater on your head the first time you get in the water and a wave crashes on your head – that’ll put some hair on your chest (but not literally, ladies)!It’s a goal to motivate us to stay physically fit.  Some might also call what I do “paddling” rather than “surfing” but our goal is to be better after the #yearofthesurf.  For me, then, I have an additional goal of standing all the way up on a consistent basis.  For Colin, this additional goal may have something to do with shredding…am I too old to be using surf lingo?  Locals Only MAN!
  2. Radiohead’s new album – You can see our post about Radiohead (here) to get an idea of why we are excited about this.
  3. The return of two of our favorite shows: Game of Thrones and Peaky Blinders.  Momma Ley told us that Peaky Blinders was back and we got SUPER excited about this.  Gangsters with cool haircuts, three-piece suits, and a ruthless approach to expanding their (illegitimate) business empire?  Sign us up!  Then, however, we got confused because as we settled in for a packed Saturday night…it wasn’t on Netflix like the previous episodes!   So…what was she talking about?Turns out, that it has been released on the BBC in the UK.  So, we tricked our computer into thinking we were in London, mate (want to find out how we did it?  It’s totally legit.  Just email us –  Now, we have to watch it unfold week-by-week like a couple of chumps instead of binge-watching.As far as GoT…well, so far, so good.  A lot less rape than last season, which I consider to be a HUGE plus.  It was getting to be a bit too much.P.S.  I’ve blogged about estate planning for the first time:

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