Things We’re Currently Obsessed With

  1. Effective Arguments –  In a day-and-age of increased polarization and trench-building, how do we speak to one another effectively and in a way that both sides are “heard?”  Additionally, Shreya is preparing for an appeal of a trademark application before Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.  This is a big deal amongst lawyers.  She wants to be able to present an effective argument.  So she is reading this (thanks, Tim Ferris, for your 5-bullet Friday) and this and random things on rhetoric.
  2. Down Everything – As you may have seen in our Wyoming post, it was cold.  This has given us a newfound appreciation for down things.  Prior to this, it seemed like synthetic was sufficient.  Maybe for more pedestrian pathways in the Pacific Northwest, but true adventuring begs for the true warmth of wool and down.  Ninja suits for everyone!
  3. Music – Shreya has transitioned back from podcasts to music.  Why?  We don’t really know.  It is a mystery.  Perhaps it is the looming prospect of attending SXSW (she’s going to be there for Interactive and Music)?  Stay tuned for SX preparation playlists and obsessive music blog reading.  Last time, she had a moment with Snoop Dogg, saw some cool shows, drank & ate experimental fermented products, and ate a 3-D printed Oreo.  Austin, here she cooooooooomes!