Things We’re Currently Obsessed With

        1. Rehabilitation – on several fronts. On the body front: I hurt my back doing deadlifts (I’M SO HARDCORE) in August. This forced me to slow down and focus on stretching, foam rolling, and strengthening exercises.  It was the first time that I have ever hurt my back and I was a big baby about it.  Existential questions pondered while on the couch: Will I ever walk again?  Will another beer make it go away?
          Colin has hurt his…shoulder…I think overdoing it.  Apparently your ligaments and tendons do not strengthen and stretch at the same rate as your muscles develop.  Therefore, it is quite easy to strain your ligaments and tendons as you get stronger and more adept at doing certain things (like rock climbing).  And if you don’t listen to your body, you end up injured.  Colin got this book, “The Rock Climber’s Training Manual.”  It’s a good lesson for us all as we get older and strive to stay active though – that it’s important to focus on whole body wellness as opposed to vanity muscles or getting as strong as f****.  Mobility is important.
        2. Daring Greatly – the role of vulnerability and shame in our lives and businesses, affecting how we lead (or don’t) and how we show up in our relationships, community, and professional lives.  I highly recommend Brene Brown (as I’ve previously mentioned).  I think it’s been particularly poignant to me in light of the recent spate of violence and unrest in the world and seeing how people respond or shift blame.    I’m definitely not a touchy-feely sort of person so this was uncomfortable for me.
        3. Artists!  We are really interested in supporting the arts and artists with our work and in our lives.  We have been working on ways to do that and hopefully can come up with some collaborations.
        4. Old, run-down cars – Blue Steel is sick (I’m still rooting for you, Blue Steel).  Whomp, whomp.  We’re in the market for a “new” car.  I put new in quotes because Colin and I love old, run-down cars.  We’ve hit a bit of a wall, though, as we can’t seem to agree on what old, run-down car to acquire next.  I am voting for a Volvo 240D (It’s so purrrty) and Colin is voting for a 1994 Ford Escort (boooooo). What do you guys think?

Blue Steel falls again. I swear they’re reliable… #weneedmoreglue #weneedmoreducttape

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