Things We’re Currently Obsessed With

In no particular order, things that we are currently obsessed with:

  1. Becoming Oil Tycoons – We listened to this series on Planet Money and it has renewed our enthusiasm for becoming oil tycoons.  I mean, we’re partially there.  We do own a chunk of an oil & gas consulting company and Colin does own a bolo tie.  Plus, I, Shreya, am listed as co-inventor on a patent application (It’s still hush-hush, though).
  2. Stranger Things – I’m not sure if the obsession has ended since we binge-watched the first season as Netflix intended us to do.  However, from everything from the slightly-creepy storyline, the Goonies-like group of boyhood friends, the score and artistic direction of the show…we’re hooked.  If you are also hooked and want to create your own title sequence just like ours, follow this link.
  3. A future which includes driverless cars, otherwise known as autonomous vehicles. Because driving through the mountains or to the beach = cool; driving through the traffic clusterfuck known as the city of Seattle = not cool.  Let a robot handle that.