Things We’re Currently Obsessed With

  1.  AAA – No, that’s not a code for something new and tech-y.  I’m just talking about the good, ol’ tow service. We post a lot about privacy on this blog (examples: here and here), and probably will be posting more about in the near future due to some recent inspiration.  A lot of the posts center around the idea of what we are trading (which is often hidden) in exchange for perceived convenience or perceived safety.  Well, on Saturday night, after our radiator blew in the middle of the national park, when we had no cell phone service or data and no way of getting out of the national park system, we were pretty grateful for AAA and their 200 mile tow service that brought us all the way home in the middle of the night.  Thanks, John!  You were our knight in floodlights and loud beeps waking up the restfulness of all campers.
  2. Good people – Which brings us to #2.  When the radiator first blew and we were on the side of the road trying to figure out what it was that was going on, an SUV (potential savior) pulled in behind us.  I peered over at them hopefully, while Colin tinkered under the hood, and they fiddled around with some things in their SUV, turned the car back on, waved at us…and drove off.  No joke.  I’m not saying that they’re NOT good people…I’m just saying that it’s not what I would call “ideal behavior.”

    We tried to test how far a truck could go without a radiator…not far.  So, at the second spot where we pulled over, a second SUV pulled in…the guy got out of his car…offered us a ride back to town to buy parts…or to help us in whatever way possible.  He took down all of our AAA information and promised to call them as soon as he got in cell phone range.  And…he did.  Plus he called the state patrol (we found this out afterwards) so that they knew we were stranded out there too.  Thank you, Tommy, random, helpful stranger.

  3. Planet Money Podcast – Colin has pretty muched stopped listening to music in the car, on runs, and at the gym. Music has been replaced by podcasts because THERE’S SO MUCH COOL STUFF OUT THERE! Some Planet Money highlights are Bitcoin, The Future of Work Looks Like a UPS Truck, How to Hide a Million Dollars in Plain Sight, and We Set Up an Offshore Company in a Tax Haven.

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