Things We’re Currently Obsessed With

  1. Positioning/Being More Comfortable on the Phone – Colin has been reading this book: Fanatical Prospecting.  Why is he reading this book?  Because even though we’re all super tech-y and on the internet and texting everyone all the time, we still have to talk to folks on the phone.  Sorry, guys.  I don’t think anything beats an honest-to-god conversation.  Face-to-face is best…but a phone conversation also shows that you care.  I’m guilty of emailing when I should call as well.  This book is helping us get amped for talking on the phone.  Well…not really amped…but at least getting some strategies and tips for making it less painful.  My personal way?  I make my calls in the morning.  I get them out of the way so that I can move on to other things.  They’re almost always way more pleasant than I anticipate them being.
  2. James Altucher Podcast – These are pretty interesting.  As you can probably tell by now, we have a preference for profiles on successful business folks.  I find their stories, journeys, and attitudes to be fascinating.  I also find it inspirational – I get a lot of ideas on things we could potentially do for our own businesses or implement in our own lives.  We recently listened to the Gary Vee episode on our way to a wedding in Eastern Washington.  I have never really gotten into him because I find something about him to be slightly off-putting (kind of like how I feel about U2 and Bono) BUT this was pretty entertaining to listen to.  He’s just so enthusiastic and passionate.
  3. Chocolate Krak – this stuff is frickin delicious.  Have I written about it yet?  Expect this as a LayRoots client gift (if you’re a client) sometime in the future.  It will get stuck in your teeth.  It is completely addictive.  It is completely worth indulging in.  Okay, maybe I’m overselling it.  BUT I really like it.  It’s like a gourmet version of a heath bar or butterfinger.  In my mind, those two candy bars are the same (I didn’t get to eat a lot of candy growing up).  Are they?  Also, I wonder if it would be good in vanilla ice cream?  To be continued…
  4. Game of Thrones – GIRL POWER!  Last season was far too upsetting and rapey.  Speaking of Girl Power.  I recently joined a Lean In circle.  We will see how that goes.
  5. Boils.  We threw a crawfish boil for our alumni association.  We shipped 135 lbs of crawfish up from Louisiana (they’re considered an invasive species in Washington State).  Now, a boil is not just crawfish.  There’s the sausage, the bread, the veggies, the boil seasoning…  Plus, you have to have pie for dessert!  Just kidding.  More essential – a lot of cold, light beer.  For easy drinking with the spicy crawfish.  I also made chicken and andouille gumbo for 40 people.  If you’re interested in knowing how to run a boil, we can tell you.  We are also looking forward to a summer of crab boils and maaaaybeeee an annual LayRoots crawfish boil.

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