Things We’re Currently Obsessed With

We’ve been investing in things for the boat, buying rock climbing things (and going outdoors for the first time!), and also retooling some of our offerings over at LayRoots.

  1. Outdoor Rock Climbing (duh).  We went to Vantage with the Mountaineers.  Outdoor climbing is very different from climbing in the gym…and in the best way possible.  Yay, climbing!  I have so many scrapes but it was hot and sunny and awesome.

    Me, climbing/plastering myself against a rock face.

    A view of Vantage

    Colin maneuvering and showing off his skills

  2. The Bose Soundtouch system. We wanted to invest in a wireless system so we kicked it old school and went to a physical retail store (what?!) to check out the options.  Glad we did.  If we had bought online, we likely would have gone with a Sonos system.  However, after listening to sound quality…I cannot fathom why anyone would choose Sonos over Bose.  They’re comparable price-wise but the sound quality seems to be 100x better for Bose.  I asked the Best Buy salesperson why people buy Sonos over Bose and he said “marketing.”  Unless there are syncing problems (which I haven’t read about) when adding speakers to the system, I don’t see the benefit.
  3. Shreya is becoming more involved in the women entrepreneur sphere…which makes sense…because she is a woman entrepreneur.  Why did it take her so long?  Who knows.