Things We Are Currently Obsessed With

This time we have 3 items listed in no particular order:

1. Real Estate

Colin’s history with home ownership can be summarized by his instagram post (Exhibit 1):

Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 1.27.57 PM

And then, recently, a few things have happened. First, Shreya and Colin watched the “Big Short.” They both thoroughly enjoyed the movie but it also made Shreya despair about the state of humanity and become skeptical of all those involved in the housing market and suspicious about their level of competence.

Second, Shreya’s parents are in the process of selling their home and this has put her in close contact with Realtors and has led to questions such as “what does a realtor do (also see the first thing about the “Big Short”)?” It has also led to a lot of parental confusion about how to price homes and how to choose neighborhoods that are “up-and-coming,” which (naturally) led to some market research.

Third, some clients/people in our network have admitted to owning rental properties IN THEIR OWN, PERSONAL NAMES.  This has led to questions of…mainly…”why?”  No, really.  Why??  We will be composing a follow-up blog post to address additional thoughts on this.

These posts are meant to be short, so I will leave it at that.  More to come.   If you want to know more about Shreya’s personal frustrations with real estate/realtors, feel free to contact her directly.


2. Doing Less/Finding Balance – We are learning to say “no” to things more in order to focus on the activities and people that truly matter in our lives and business.  This is difficult.  It means acknowledging and letting go of any FOMO.  On the business side, we have been fighting the urge to be on every social media platform or pursue every marketing avenue.  For instance, Colin is much more active on Facebook, email newsletters, and with video content.  Shreya, on the other hand, is more focused on LinkedIn, her podcast, and blogging.  This means that Shreya said good-bye to Twitter, which she felt obligated to be on, but secretly disliked tremendously.

Personally, it means that although Shreya and Colin want to rock climb, mountaineer, surf, snowboard, hike, ride bikes, kayak, stand up paddleboard, etc etc etc. They simply cannot try them all rightthissecond. Time is a limited resource, afterall.


3. SXSW – Ok.  So, this is just Shreya.  March may be the month that most people become obsessed with college basketball.  For Shreya, though, March is the month that she becomes obsessed with SXSW playlists.  Curating one.  Listening to as many as possible.  Reading blogs about the artists to watch.  Going and seeing shows in Austin if she can.  Getting in heated disagreements in her head with the blogs about which artists are worthy of praise.

The Spotify House playlist is a good place to start.

And if you’ve been digging the 80’s revival synth-pop thing that’s been happening, check out Kitten or HAELO.


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