The Lawyer-Human Show – The Last Week of September

We’re trying something new! Data has shown us that most of you people listen to our show on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  So, although we’re releasing the episodes per usual, we will only be releasing a blog post once a week.

What are your thoughts on that?!

Episode 076 – Where Colin and Shreya talk about wasting water and Teton the Subaru survives a possible death sentence.

Gray water” vs. “Black water

Rations are discussed.  Instagram ads.  Do you turn the water off when you brush your teeth?  You should.  Conservation, my friends.

Episode 077 – Where Colin and Shreya talk about the rollercoaster of emotions that comes with entrepreneurship.

Gold Dogs – One of Shreya’s favorite stores in Seattle, and the post in question:

Everyday roller coaster 💯 #entrepreneurlife #workworkwork #yafeelme

A post shared by Gold Dogs✌🏼Live Free (@shopgolddogs) on

Episode 078 – Where Shreya makes a new friend.

This is the Geekwire article in question:

Shreya is going to be speaking about her experiences co-founding a company with her father at 2017 Seattle Start-up Week.  Check her out if you’re in the area.  Link to the panel.

Episode 079 – Where Colin and Shreya talk about hiring and the philosophies used to hire.

The one we hear most often is “Hire slow, fire fast.” Easier said then done, but we are trying to stick to that with our “trial period” method.

Pareto Principle explained.

Episode 080 – Where Colin doesn’t want to play along with Shreya’s idea and Colin wants to talk about emails.

How to make your emails more like Game of Thrones (if only).

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Shreya Ley is an adventurer, business owner, and intellectual property attorney.  Above all, she is a human that also uses the law to advise her clients on how to navigate the business world.

Colin Ley is an adventurer, business owner, and asset protection attorney.  Above all, he is a human (or is he dancer?) that also uses the law to advise his clients on how to best protect and structure their legacy.

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