The Lawyer-Human Show – Episode 7

Episode 7 – Where Shreya returns from a weekend of carousing in Portland and gets a #girlcrush on Esther Perel

Come along on our journey as we provide a behind-the-scenes look at how we grow our business and tell random stories about our lives.

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Shreya Ley is an adventurer, business owner, and intellectual property attorney.  Above all, she is a human that also uses the law to advise her clients on how to navigate the business world.

Colin Ley is an adventurer, business owner, and asset protection attorney.  Above all, he is a human (or is he dancer?) that also uses the law to advise his clients on how to best protect and structure their legacy.

Welcome! to the lawyer-human show! I’m Colin and I’m Shreya and today we are going to talk about relationships what but I think really well particularly for married business owners relationships are very important but also it’s about any type of relationship relationships that you may have with your clients. Relationships you have friends or family Network. And this came up for me because on the way back from Portland I went to Portland this weekend. It was very fun. Me and a few of my girlfriends we painted the town red. Anyway so on the way back from Portland we listened to a podcast on the Tim Ferriss show and the episode was an interview with Esther perel. Who’s that she is a psychotherapist that specifically explorers I want to say eroticism. And relationships. So she has a pretty famous Ted Talk in which she discusses rethinking infidelity. So she says patch it is the most scorned or looked at looked down upon the concept is infidelity and yet the most widely practiced also so why is it that people feel so negatively about it. Even though everybody does it that has been her research but what I thought was super interesting was just well one I have a girl crush on her a little bit she is just a fascinating person. What seems very intelligent has a really interesting way of looking at the world and is a fantastic Storyteller and I would like to develop that concept. Where to buy that for myself but she just talks about, how we interact with one another and how honest so you may not always be or honesty is important but telling everyone everything is not necessarily the most important. I don’t have a problem bottle it up. When is very much an introvert. So he tends to say less.. How, healthy also let’s just a little bit over time.
I thought you would be all about evolving it with the times yeah but language guy of how is it used cuz she’s saying how people are using the definition of this word wrong,
Slash guess I’m at the library. Really I just want to know about her anyway we didn’t really have a big wrap up or conclusion for this except that it’s even more important I think in many ways to be aware of how people interact with each other and relationships when you’re married and in a business together because you can’t go home and complain about your deadbeat business partner to your spouse. That specializes or focuses on business partners right no matter what no matter what. And sometimes you’ll be angry and sometimes we’ll be happy I don’t know he just said you know we didn’t do it. We’d like to hire this lady but I think her book is beautiful probably she might be a little. And she said she focuses on people who are scarred by infidelity in the relationships and we’re not there yet.