The Lawyer-Human Show – Episode 067

Episode 67 – Where Shreya talks about the E-Myth by Michael Gerber and how it relates to their business LayRoots, and where Shreya has poor timing talking about Neck Island.

Show Notes:

Before we launched the law firm over 4 years ago, we read the E-Myth. We haven’t implemented it, but we keep the principles in mind as we grow our firm.

Thanks (again – we seem to talk about them a lot, but they were pretty pivotal in our personal growth into business owners, so I guess it makes sense) to How To Manage A Small Law Firm for helping us to find ways to measure our success in creating a business, not just a practice. 

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Shreya Ley is an adventurer, business owner, and intellectual property attorney.  Above all, she is a human that also uses the law to advise her clients on how to navigate the business world.

Colin Ley is an adventurer, business owner, and asset protection attorney.  Above all, he is a human (or is he dancer?) that also uses the law to advise his clients on how to best protect and structure their legacy.

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