The Lawyer-Human Show – Episode 058

Episode 58 – Where Colin continues to talk about Civil Forfeiture and Colin is STILL bothered by how Shreya counts down to episode starting.

What do you think is the “right” way to countdown?

Show Notes:

You may have noticed the last few blog posts and episodes looking quite sad and terrible.  This is what happens when Colin is asked to post our episodes.  We won’t let that happen again.  He has been properly mocked.

Also, for those uninitiated into the wonders of Wayne’s World…see below.

Come along on our journey as we provide a behind-the-scenes look at how we grow our business and tell random stories about our lives.

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Shreya Ley is an adventurer, business owner, and intellectual property attorney.  Above all, she is a human that also uses the law to advise her clients on how to navigate the business world.

Colin Ley is an adventurer, business owner, and asset protection attorney.  Above all, he is a human (or is he dancer?) that also uses the law to advise his clients on how to best protect and structure their legacy.

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