We began our journey in Texas.  Christmas visiting the doggies (formerly our dogs, but my parents have lovingly adopted them and the dogs have settled into a life of comfort and attention that they seem to rather enjoy), my family, and good friends.

My brother and I dragged Colin along to watch Star Wars and then we proceeded to watch ALL of the original Star Wars movie in a long, holiday marathon.  Then we heard the sad news about Carrie Fischer.

I really enjoyed the latest Star Wars.  Much more than the first of this new installment only because it seemed like a far more original story line.  Also, it provided more background leading into the originals that made me feel for the sacrifice made to get those Death Star plans to R2D2, my favorite movie robot.

Yes, I’m a nerd.

As we began the long drive through Texas – I love Texas but it is mostly very boring to drive through and Texas lasts FOREVER – we stopped in Amarillo along the way at the Big Texan and though I dissuaded Colin from attempting the 72oz steak challenge, we did see what we’d be potentially up against.  A lot of folks complained about the Big Texan, but I was pretty happy with my steak.

^ Not a 72 oz steak.  But this is:

My hand for reference