All the Fats.

I love the detail and information about french fries. I’m riveted, Malcolm. Agreed that french fries are far superior to mashed potatoes.

Things We’re Currently Obsessed With

It’s been awhile, friends.  In no particular order: Climbing still, though we have moved to the outdoors! #Boatlife gets up-leveled with Floatie Life. But #boatlife is going great. 🙂

New Orleans

Ask anyone who has spent any amount of time from New Orleans what their favorite place to eat is, and you will get a very detailed litany that likely involves maps and lots of hand gestures/belly rubs. Get… Read More


I’ve always thought of myself as having very little bathroom stuff (especially for being female).  Living on a boat has taught me that I have more bathroom things than I thought that I did. Two brushes, three types… Read More

Things We’re Currently Obsessed With

We’ve been investing in things for the boat, buying rock climbing things (and going outdoors for the first time!), and also retooling some of our offerings over at LayRoots. Outdoor Rock Climbing (duh).  We went to Vantage with… Read More


Boat Life Update! Boat Life is still very much a dream for the Leys.  We realized, however, that since neither of us had actually lived on a boat that perhaps we could not fully appreciate the reality of… Read More

Things We’re Currently Obsessed With

#Boatlife.   ‘Nuff said.  AND it seems like a great community.  Our boatlife dreams are evolving, but still alive.  Boooooooooooooaaaaaaat. AcroYoga – so much fun! Twirl me around, please.  We went to our first workshop a few months… Read More

Is SXSW so 2 years ago?

I’m currently at SXSW.  It’s Interactive time but Music seems to be starting earlier, so I will be going to shows starting tomorrow.   I’m excited to be in Austin, as always.  The food and the people are… Read More

Things We’re Currently Obsessed With

Effective Arguments –  In a day-and-age of increased polarization and trench-building, how do we speak to one another effectively and in a way that both sides are “heard?”  Additionally, Shreya is preparing for an appeal of a trademark… Read More


We began our journey in Texas.  Christmas visiting the doggies (formerly our dogs, but my parents have lovingly adopted them and the dogs have settled into a life of comfort and attention that they seem to rather enjoy),… Read More