We began our journey in Texas.  Christmas visiting the doggies (formerly our dogs, but my parents have lovingly adopted them and the dogs have settled into a life of comfort and attention that they seem to rather enjoy),… Read More

Business Owners Drinking w/ Lawyer-Humans – David Chaumette on Coaching & Being Coaching and Tasting Menus

I am a skeptic when it comes to people who label themselves life coaches or business coaches. Maybe it’s the engineer (and attorney) in me. Not to say that I don’t believe in self-improvement or even that sometimes… Read More

Business Owners Drinking with Lawyer-Humans – CAP Resources and Family Businesses

When Laura Capper says that she is passionate about new ideas, she isn’t kidding.  And I love that about talking to her. And she focuses that passion into her business CAP Resources, based in Houston, TX.  The first time… Read More

LayRoots has Good Taste

In 2010, when I was graduating law school, I knew that I wanted to work within the intersection of technology, business, and the law.  I also didn’t want to pay an arm-and-a-leg for rent.  So, feeling that West… Read More

Business Owners Drinking with Lawyer-Humans – FrogDog Party at the Moon Tower!

Marketing is more than just a buzzword I have to be honest that before I owned a business, I had no idea what marketing was and why it was important.  It seemed pretty UN-important.  Then I created a… Read More