Skynet is Coming

I joined a fun and lovely group of individuals who like to cook.  It’s called “Cook the Book” and we collectively cook our way through a cookbook every month and enjoy each others’ company.

Yesterday was a Picnic and it was the one month of the year that there was no specific book.  Only deliciousness was required.  There’s always good food.  There was a beautiful Seattle skyline and sunset.  A nice, earthy glass of tempranillo in my hand.  A dog enthusiastically searching for dropped tidbits of human food.  A young boy gleefully chasing a drone through the grass.


That doesn’t seem to fit, does it?

His mom has a wonderful sense of humor.  She explained SkyNet to him as he stared at her in bewilderment.  Later that evening, I crawled through the grass with him towards the drone trying to “sneak up on it.”  I didn’t have the heart to tell him that the drone sees all and there was no escaping it.

Earlier this week, there was this story in the Atlantic.  Of course, it took a backseat to the horrific events that have occurred this week.  But, still…it’s interesting how our lives are slowly adapting to robots and we barely notice.

I’m not sure we’re getting R2D2 or Rosie from the Jetsons anytime soon.  Although, Colin and I invested in a Pet Roomba years ago and it was AWESOME.  I’m pretty sure Colin called it his pet robot.  So, with all these robots taking over things in our lives, I think robots are inevitable and we might barely notice when our drones start doing our laundry for us (is that just my dream?  laundry is my least favorite chore).



There are essentially three things that I have been thinking about as I try to push aside the irrational part of me that wants to invest in a cabin in the woods that no one knows about as a safe haven from the inevitable apocalypse lead by drones.

  1. As robots and robotics increasingly become a part of our lives, we trade our privacy for convenience.  Already our computers know more about us than often our spouses or closest confidants do.  And it’s all saved in a database somewhere.
  2. More tasks, and therefore jobs, will be displaced by AI and robotics, so how do we invest in that future instead of becoming obsolete?
  3. When is Amazon going to replace the USPS and the mailman with drone mail delivery (as promised)?

As far as #2, I know that it’s already taking over manufacturing, cleaning, and the postal service (see #3 above).  Also, robots will obviate the need for cops responding to your fender bender because everything will be captured on camera.  But how is it going to affect “white collar” jobs like the law?  I imagine a time where there are bots trolling the internet to flag potential copyright and trademark infringement for a nominal monthly and/or yearly fee.  Also automated searches when you’re trying to come up with your brand name.  If anyone is interested in helping me create this.  Holla at yo girl.

We at LayRoots have been trying to prep for the future of law where document-preparers become obsolete and strategic advice is the only way to stay in the game (which is really what we’ve been about all along anyway) by creating  We’re automating our processes and taking it to the web.  Any thoughts or ideas for us?


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