Shreya is bad at Eggs

Sometimes it’s the seemingly simple things that are the most difficult to master.  Case in point:

When will I ever learn to fold an omelette?


Eggs are seemingly easy to cook.  They are cheap and versatile and delicious.  Below this seemingly simple exterior, however, lurks a complexity that is difficult to master.

Example 1: Pictured above…the omelette. I cannot ever fold an omelette.  Am I supposed to fold it in the pan?  Does it fold upon exiting the pan as it slides onto the plate?  What about ensuring that the top is set properly??

Example 2: The soft-boiled egg.  Forget poaching…that’s a whole other beast.  I cannot seem to get the timing right for the soft boiled egg.  Instagram bolsters my claim:


I’m just really bad at making eggs. Soft boil fail.

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This permeates to other aspects of my life also.

Something as simple as scheduling appointments in the correct time zone – I fail at this regularly.  Even with the multitude of tools out there.

Or arithmetic.  Calculus or algebra?  So much easier than arithmetic to me.

What are you bad at that people would assume you’d be good at?  And how do you manage around those struggles?

As far as eggs…I’ve decided to just let Colin handle the egg cooking.  He’s the egg whisperer in our family.