Reflections From the Grand Teton

A week has gone by at this point from our return from the Grand Teton National Park.

On our podcast, the episodes will recount our adventures.  When Colin and I finally got back to our car from the back country and I finally took that backpack off – I cried.  I was so relieved (I think) to have the backpack off.  I honestly don’t know why I cried…but it seemed like the most appropriate response.  Colin was confused by this response.  Then we went into town and had the best burger and beer that we’ve ever eaten. 🙂

I believe the number one thing that I took away from the adventure is that it is amazing what your body can do when you put your mind to it.  There were so many times that I wanted to quit or give up or that I thought that I couldn’t make it…but I kept going just a little further.  I had the end goal in sight.  I set little mini-milestones along the way – (I can make it up to the next camping site and then we will see if we need to stop or not).

The route was super fun to climb, but we did not adequately prepare for the hiking part with the heaviest backpacks ever at altitude.  The altitude really got me.  I’ve lived at sea level my whole life and I should have been 1) more hydrated; 2) spent more time getting acclimated; 3) spent more time training cardiovascularly.

Also, if you’re doing this with a life partner – it becomes a true test of your relationship (in a good way for us!).  You may disagree but still have to turn around and rely on one another (or at least deal with one another if you’re only backpacking).  I may be staring daggers into Colin’s back for 2 miles but when we get to the campsite or if push comes to shove, you have to put that aside and work together.  None of the petty B.S. can matter anymore.  For climbing, you are literally putting your life in someone else’s hands – they’re holding your rope, you are trusting them to place the gear that will hold you.  I think this part is harder for Colin to do but he’s getting better at it.

Coming back to Seattle was surreal.  The bustling big city after having no connection to technology for days. We also came back to Hurricane Harvey pummeling my parents’ home in the suburbs of Houston, TX.  They were very lucky, but we talk about that too.

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