Before Colin and I started dating, we were sitting in a cafe on the island of Rhodos (part of the Greek Isles).  We were there as part of a study abroad program through Tulane Law School.  Colin looked at me and asked, “You like Radiohead?”  I gave him (as he would put it) my best bitch face and said something along the lines of “uhhh.  why?”

A month or so earlier, I went to see Radiohead with my brother, who had gotten me badass seats to the show for my birthday.   It was SUCH a good show.

Colin was looking at the photographic evidence on my Facebook – otherwise known as “Facebook stalking” me.

I, on the other hand, had never owned a smartphone at that point and had not brought my laptop with me on this European adventure.  I had very little connection to the internet (except for the hour or so a day that I spent on the hotel computer).  So, I was just really confused about how he could possibly know that about me.  My Facebook stalking game was weak.

Long story short, Colin and I both really like Radiohead and we eventually bonded over it.  I remember listening to OK Computer late at night in my room in high school, being thoroughly freaked out by the “fitter, happier, more productive” robot voice.

So, I’m pretty excited about the new Radiohead song being released.  Maybe this time Colin and I can go to the show together.

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