Photography Art

We recently went to a client’s home to finish up some paperwork and get documents signed.  Their home was lovely.  However, what impressed me most was their art on display.  I really loved their aesthetic.


For those of you who don’t know, before law school was even a twinkle in Colin’s eye, he wanted to become a photojournalist.  So, he loves a good photographer and is quite picky about his photographs.  He rightly thinks most of my snaps are absolute garbage.  However, I can’t tell the difference so I don’t care.

Currently, his favorite new photographer is this guy, Ray Collins.  Check him out!

Colin says it’s preferable to use an image in these posts. The following image is not Ray Collins’ work but is Colin Ley’s work, salvaged from an otherwise ruined roll of film (developed at the wrong speed, I think?).  Since we’re attorneys, we’re not about to use Ray Collins’ work without his permission.  We do hope to buy a piece someday soon though!