Ode to My Lost Subaru

Ode to My Lost Subaru

You never wrote though.
I waited impatiently.
Oh, the sting! Sadness!

Who took you from me?
Less deserving, I am sure,
No Subaru love.

Shreya and Colin are in the market for a new, used car. Wish them luck as they hunt through Craigslist looking for that perfect Subaru Outback or Honda Fit.


I sent the above to the owner of the Subaru to express my sadness.

AND THEY WROTE ME BACK!  It’s possible that I was the only one who wrote to them to buy the Subaru, but I like to think that I beat out 10’s or 100’s of responses with my witty reparte.

Colin and I are now the proud owners of a Subaru.  Please welcome Bubbles (name change pending).  She has a surf sticker on the back already.


New Verse:

And, yet! There is hope!
Shiny and loved, you wait.
Money changes hands.

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