New Orleans

Ask anyone who has spent any amount of time from New Orleans what their favorite place to eat is, and you will get a very detailed litany that likely involves maps and lots of hand gestures/belly rubs.

Get two people who have spent time in New Orleans together, and there is likely to be a heated debate.  Especially if you’re asking for the best po’ boy place.  There are only two correct answers, in my opinion.  1) Guy’s in Uptown and 2) Cochon Butcher for a fancy/modern po’ boy.  Yes, there are other places.  No, I do not want to go there (except under extraordinary circumstances).

I want to grab a six pack of Strawberry Abita or a Daquiri and grilled shrimp po’boy dressed all the way from Guy’s and I want to go to the levee, and I want to sit in the grass, and that about sums it up.

I often get asked “where should I eat?” and “what should I do?” (while in New Orleans) by friends.

This is our classic list.  I’m reposting it here because I send people to Colin and my wedding website, and it would be easier to repost it to an actually active site.  Also, I’m missing the sun and New Orleans today, so I made us cheesy grits, bacon, and eggs for breakfast.

Looking for Breakfast?

  • If you’re in the French Quarter and want a hearty meal, go to Stanley’s (Shreya’s favorite) or Camelia Grill (Colin’s favorite)
  • If you’re near the Garden District/Magazine St/Uptown, try Surrey’s or Slim Goodies
  • Looking for a Light Breakfast or Afternoon Snack?  Go to Cafe DuMonde.

Looking for Po’ Boys?

  • If you’re Uptown, go to Guy’s!  Colin and Shreya love their grilled shrimp po’ boy.
  • If you’re in the French Quarter, go to Johnny’s or to the Cochon Butcher Shop.

Looking for Fried Chicken?

  • In the French Quarter, go to Fiorella’s or Coop’s Place.  We prefer Fiorella’s, but if you want other types of food, then Coop’s place is better.
  • Otherwise, if you are willing to travel, go to Willie Mae’s Scotch House.  Can’t beat the ambience but get ready to wait in line!
  • Colin swears Popeyes is equally delicious.

Looking for a nice, classic Cajun meal?

  • This is an area of much debate and can get quite pricey!
  • Some downhome cooking in the French Quarter can be found at Mother’s or Coop’s place.
  • If you’re getting all fancy in the French Quarter, head to Galatoire’s or August.
  • Pro Tip: A completely worthwhile experience and meal: August has a $25, 3 course, prixe fix menu on Fridays for lunch.  Mmmm.  Delicious.
  • For something in between, try Cochon or Mandina’s.
  • If you’re heading Uptown, go to Commander’s Palace, Dante’s, or Boucherie.  You won’t regret it!
  • Pro Tip: Friday lunches at Commander’s Palace feature the $0.25 martini.  No, that is not a misplaced decimal point.

Just a good, fancy meal

  • There are listed in no particular order: Bayona (Quarter), Lillete (Uptown), Patois (Uptown), Cafe Amelie (Quarter), or Muriel’s (Quarter).
  • Middling Priced: La Crepe Nanou (Prytania/Uptown)


  • Let’s get the main ones out of the way, shall we?  Pimm’s Cup – head to Napoleon House in the Quarter or sit on the porch at Columns and sip on one of these cucumber-y drinks.
  • Hurricanes!  Infamous by Pat O’s (complete with a dueling piano bar) but Lafitte’s also has a pretty tasty one.  These will definitely stain your mouth red, so be prepared.
  • For a unique drinking experience, walk over to the Carousel bar at the Monteleone.  Hope you don’t get motion sick, though.


  • The performers across from Jackson Square
  • A Ghost Tour
  • Live music on Frenchman at DBA or the Spotted Cat and also at Preservation Hall
  • Grab a daquiri, go to the levee, and sit and enjoy the weather


  • Bring cash!  A lot of these places are cash only, unfortunately.
  • Be safe and have fun!