Making Videos


This post is about business videos not business-time videos.  K?


And if you’re interested in making videos for your business, you will need a couple of things but not too many things.  And these things are geared towards you sitting in a spot and speaking.  Not for you wandering around flailing your arms frantically (oh, am I the only one that does that?).

  1. You will need a tall glass of courage.  This courage may come in “beer” flavor or it may just be a big gulp of air.  Whatever you prefer.
  2. You will need a mic (something like this)
  3. A stand for your phone or a very good friend/slave to hold it for you (very very still) while you record things (something like this).
  4. And you will definitely need to toss your need for perfectionism out the window.  You can pay for editing or spend hours on things, but it’s better to get’er done…as they say in the south.

Optional Things:

  1. You may want a lighting set up (like this, but we use something different).
  2. You might want an extension of the mic cable (like this).  You might be able to walk around with that!
  3. Fun.  You might want to have some fun – scout out some cool backgrounds/locations.  Think of some topics that might interest people.  Ask for advice.  Play with different outfits.  Play with different lengths of video (the recommended advice is to keep it under two minutes, which I do not do ever).

By the way, Tim Ferris says to stop making things hard by asking what equipment and just do it.

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