Little Human Safety Plan & Giving Back

I think our Little Human Safety Plan is awesome (learn more about guardianship here and here and here). During the process we help parents with the daunting task of choosing legal guardians for their children AND we organize the paperwork and information their guardians might need in case that day ever comes.

My idea: Colin and I love reading.  And I have been brainstorming ways of how we can structure giving back to the community into our business model.  So, for every Little Human Safety Plan that is bought, we will give $50 to Treehouse, a highly recommended non-profit giving children in foster care a better chance in this world.

Not every child is fortunate enough to have parents who have the means and ability to create a Little Human Safety Plan, but we want to do what we can (in whatever small way) for those kids.  And, really, we’re not doing it.  You are.  By purchasing a plan for your own children so that you can do whatever is in your power to secure their future, you can also help contribute to children who are less fortunate.

Colin doesn’t think that people are going to be all that motivated by us building giving into our business model in this way and that we won’t raise enough to make a difference.


  1. I want to prove him wrong because I’m competitive, but I also think it’s more important for us to have it as part of our business model than for it to necessarily motivate people.
  2. I don’t care if we don’t raise a lot!  Maybe only one person ever buys a Little Human Safety Plan (this is unlikely).  Well, that’s $50 that Treehouse didn’t have that they do now.

I’m going to tally, at the end of every quarter, what our clients have helped raise, and update y’all on this blog.  We’ll see if I can even get some metrics around what our small part in all of this has contributed to.

You might be thinking to yourself, “well, I can just donate $50.  Why do I need to buy a Little Human Safety Plan?”

Well, you can and you don’t have to, but that doesn’t change our goal of building community support into our business model.  We are giving to Treehouse because of the package’s focus on children.

Another organization that I personally think is deserving is Compass Housing Alliance, but feel free to check out the myriad of organizations on GiveBig for inspiration on how you can make Seattle awesome for everyone.

Full Disclosure: A good friend of mine works at Compass Housing Alliance and I am recommending them after hearing about the work they are doing, seeing the growing homeless camps around the city, and hearing about the challenges they (the organization and the homeless) face.


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