I’m a Third Culture Kid

I recognized a piece of myself and the people I know in this article.

What particularly struck home for me was the line about how “anxiety-inducing” the question of “where are you from?” can be. I allow people to assume that I am simply “from” Texas. It’s easier than explaining my life story to a random stranger.

I’ve noticed that I more easily adopt other people’s cultures when in their home, country, or space, and it is far more natural to me, than amongst those who did not travel growing up. I also have perspective on “stupid laws” from having lived in places where the laws are rarely or arbitrarily enforced (and breaking the law is common place). “Socialism” or “monarchy” aren’t just concepts used to scare people, to me. I have lived under both types of regimes. I’ve lived in both snowy climates and desert. “Home” tends to be where ever I am at the time. A home base rather than a nostalgic idea of where I grew up.

My first memory is being sick on a train in India…really more of an impression or the feeling that I KNOW that this happened than anything vivid.  Then, after that, it’s probably being surrounded by snowdrifts that towered above me.

I ran into fellow third culture kids in Houston a lot more often.  I never meet anyone like that in Seattle. I kind of miss it and almost feel as though I’m losing a part of myself by staying stationary for so long.