FAQ about our Grand Teton Trip

Q: How did you get so lost?! (incredulity and also thoughts of “that wouldn’t happen to ME” going through people’s heads)

A: Because it’s hard. Because there are 100 hundred ways up and down the mountain. Because there are no “trails” once you’re on solid rock, there’s just a general end-goal in sight (the top). Because even experts get lost (see: Sufferfest). We did a ton of research. But looking at pictures of a mountain and looking at the mountain are two different things.

Q: Did you think about getting a guide?

A: Yes. We did. But then we wouldn’t have these stories to tell you, would we? We took the would-be guide money and spent it on courses to learn and equipment. Think of buying fish vs. learning to fish FOREVER!

Q: You would do this again?! (“wow, you’re dumb.”)

A: Yes, now that the bruises are fading, it’s starting to seem like a good idea. 😀 Also, this is the way we learn, grow, get better – you challenge yourself. If we weren’t interested in pushing ourselves beyond the status quo, we wouldn’t be business owners either. It’s not easy to build a business and it’s not easy to climb a mountain.