Driverless Cars

Ford Announced its upcoming driverless fleet for 2021 in this press release.

Uber has announced its transition to driverless vehicles here.


With that out of the way, let’s talk about a couple of thoughts that this brings up:

  1. Colin loves the Lincoln Lawyer. It’s his dream to be chauffeured around.  I used to chauffeur him around, but not currently.  So, these announcements sparked a new idea for him: driverless cars launching an entire fleet of “Lincoln Lawyers” (but mostly just him).  We often have busy, business-owner or practice-owner clients and meet them at their place of business for convenience.  The idea of a driverless car equipped with wifi and refreshments while we go from appointment to appointment seems like a dream.  Also, I think it’s the best option for Colin because he’s the worst backseat driver I’ve ever met and being driverless means that some poor soul is spared from having to deal with his nitpicking (’til death do us part, am I right?)
  2. There has been much debate about Uber ignoring the problem of its drivers assaulting women or just being unfit to drive in general.  Side note: I have to say that I’ve never had a bad experience in an Uber, but that doesn’t mean that it hasn’t been a valid criticism of Uber.  But MAYBE they didn’t change their policies because they’d already decided to move towards driverless cars.  What do you think?  Too benevolent a theory?

Really, that’s all…This future of autonomous, electric cars makes me slightly uncomfortable (change is uncomfortable), but I’m choosing to NOT stick my head in the sand.  Next on the agenda: investing a car with autonomous driving capability (like a Tesla)…because…why not?

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