You may remember that we bought a Subaru.

Well, that Subaru was in Houston, TX (Sugar Land, actually).  This is problematic because we live in Seattle, WA. They are not close together.

You may be thinking…well, that was pretty dumb that they bought a car 2,000 miles away from where they live. (Also, I call this move “the flying squirrel”)


Plus, an excuse for a fun road trip.


Driving down a snowy, mountain road, on a crystal clear day.  We had to make a sudden stop.  10 feet away was a bull.  He eyed us suspiciously and with contempt as he chewed some grass he had found poking up through the snow.  So, I did the only thing that anyone would do in such a situation…I rolled down the window, stuck my arms out towards him, and took some pictures with my phone.  This is the type of story where the dumb millennial is taking a selfie next to a bear and then the bear decides to eat him or her and everyone is like “how dumb of that millennial!”

Colin’s first love, Lulu von Ley, is buried there in the backcountry of Colorado.  She valiantly fought the bone cancer that plagued her, she swam the Arkansas river with 3 legs, ran through the gulley, but it got the better of her in the end.  So, we pressed on.  We parked the Subaru.  Traversed the gulley.  Followed the animal tracks up the hill.  And enjoyed the view of the mountains from her grave.

The next day we hiked up to a frozen waterfall…Colin and I actually disagree about this.  I say it is a half-frozen waterfall because there are parts of it that are not completely frozen – the river rages underneath a thick sheet of ice and where the water plummets and churns at the base, there is a hole in the ice.  He, however, says it is frozen (an entire river can’t freeze, i.e. “dry up” and stop running).  Either way, it was a beautiful ~6.5 mile snowshoe.

My in-laws rewarded our efforts with a trip to the local hot springs.  It was my first time at hot springs and I have to say…I can’t wait to go back! It was so relaxing.  The air was cold, the cold plunge was colder.  The cascading springs were hot and comforting…as was the hot chocolate and peppermint schnapps by the fire later.