Business Owners Drinking w/Lawyer-Humans – The Grass is Always Greener with Natalie Joffe

Health, wellness, diet, exercise.  We are a culture obsessed…especially for some sort of prescription that will give us hard-and-fast rules on what we should or should not do or what we should and should not eat.

And if you’re looking for someone to tell you a blanket formula – Natalie Joffe is not the person you should turn to.  She recognizes you as the beautiful and unique snowflake that you are, and will help you to figure out what works for you.
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You may have noticed that Colin and I like to stay pretty active.  I’ve always been that way (and so has Colin).  We like to try new things and challenge ourselves.  Exercise is often fun and a way to relieve stress for me, so that part comes easily.

Through my love of fitness, I met Natalie.  She was a very motivating trainer at a boutique gym that I went to for awhile.  I recognized her for the rad chick that she is and I have been following her journey on Facebook and in person ever since!  I really appreciate her posts on nutrition and the non-judgmental attitude with which she approaches health and wellness.  Because the diet part of being “healthy” has always been more of a struggle for me than the exercise part.  At the WeWork in South Lake Union, we discuss nutrition and the parallels with being a business owner over a fresh café.  Coffee counts as an adult beverage.  Only very busy and important adults drink it, after all.


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