Business Owners Drinking with Lawyer-Humans – Vitamin R is a Staple

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This was my first episode.  We discuss Colin Ley’s punk rock roots, Rainier Beer, entrepreneurship, and are delightfully awkward throughout.

Lawyer-Human in Action


As his business and life partner, I am biased in my opinion about Colin so I won’t bore you with that.  However, I can attest to our love of Rainier.  True story: for a wedding anniversary, Colin got me a shirt from Casual Industrees (a Seattle-based t-shirt company) with a big bear drinking Rainiers on it.  It’s a great conversation piece and shirt.




LayRoots provides support for businesses and families as they grow, using a flat-fee model and attentiveness to the people (and furry friends!) who make up these families and businesses.  We are “Lawyer-Humans” (a lawyer possessing human traits such as intelligent thought, feelings, & empathy; a lawyer who treats clients like people; a lawyer who prioritizes client goals over billable hours).

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