Business Owners Drinking with Lawyer-Humans – Sustainability with Casey Dilloway

Sustainability can seem like a bit of a meaningless buzzword these days.

At our current rate(s) of consumption, we will destroy and/or make scarce a number of natural resources that are essential to our current way of life.  Whether or not you choose to believe that statement, I would hope that we can all agree that it is a good practice to not be wasteful and to do what we can to maintain the natural beauty that surrounds us.  Example of a selfish reason to be in support of “sustainability:” I like to eat fish.  If we continue to pollute our waterways and overfish (or encourage poaching), then I will no longer get to eat fish and I will be sad.

Although the US government has not  (yet) created effective legislation to support sustainable practices in municipalities and in corporations, corporations and people can choose to adopt sustainable life and business practices.



Casey Dilloway is fascinated by the intersection of business and sustainability.  So are we, which may come as a surprise to people (especially those who know that I’m part owner of GeoBiz Technology, which is very much an oil & gas-related company NOT focused on sustainability).

Casey and I, however, discuss what sustainability actually means, changing an industry from within, and how a company can employ sustainable practices even if they are not in a traditionally sustainable industry.  He also sometimes doesn’t wear shoes at his MBA program and definitively does NOT hate me…although, he might just be polite (I doubt it though.  He likes me…he really likes me!).

Drinking with Lawyer-Humans - Ep 10_3

Casey has worked on and is working on some cool stuff and he also teaches at a sustainable MBA program that seems…fascinating.   He’s compassionate and interesting and an all around stand-up human being.  Hope you enjoy our talk.

Also, we are drinking Dawn Patrol by Aslan Brewing.  It tastes like summer…and would be delicious after a day in the water…or with some chips and salsa on a patio.  Whatever you fancy.  They’re from Bellingham, WA, which a lot of people claim is like how Seattle used to be before all these tech yuppies RUINED IT FOR EVERYONE! (I kid, I kid.  I’m a transplant, so I’m the person they’re mad at).


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Things we mention:

Goldman Sachs Social Impact Program and here.  Unfortunately, it failed…

Flash Boys, the author of which also wrote the Big Short


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