Business Owners Drinking with Lawyer-Humans – In the weeds with Chris Small

Chris Small enjoys being in the weeds with his fellow man/attorney.

People might be wondering why I interviewed Chris Small for my podcast because he has this law firm on the east side of Seattle.  He also has these websites/resources for attorneys starting their own practice: found here and here and here (the OG).  Well, I (and Chris) are firm believers in the idea that there’s always a market for different flavors of ice cream.  No matter how much you talk up the vanilla ice cream, some people are always going to prefer chocolate.  And vice versa.  And then you have the person who’s into Rocky Road or strawberry and doesn’t want anything to do with vanilla or chocolate.  And the same goes for businesses offering similar-seeming products or services.  Sure, there’s friendly competition, but there’s also camaraderie and opportunities to help each other out.

Since the inception of LayRoots, Chris has been a great friend and person to bounce ideas off of.  He has some great tips and thoughts on marketing (as you can see from the great content he produces) that he is always willing to share.  This interview was about 30 minutes and could have been more than an hour.  The video is edited to fit your tv, but the audio is uncut.  It’s a new thing I’m trying.

In this video, we hang out at the WeWork in South Lake Union in Seattle (it’s one of LayRoots office spaces in Seattle).  We talk about Trump, being in the weeds, marketing, and the hard work of starting a business –  Chris provides some actionable content for that.  Do you get addicted to the emotional rollercoaster?  I think that might be a thing that happens.  It really makes you feel alive (like getting punched in the stomach).

Check out the video below.  Feel free to reach out to me or Chris – he’s very responsive, but he may be less so in the upcoming weeks because his wife is giving birth to their third baby very soon (Congratulations!).


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Books mentioned: Vision Blockers by Eric Scroggins

Win Forever – Pete Carroll

Entrepreneurial DNA

Business Coach and Podcast Mentioned: Gary Vaynerchuk


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