Business Owners Drinking with Lawyer-Humans – FrogDog Party at the Moon Tower!

Marketing is more than just a buzzword

I have to be honest that before I owned a business, I had no idea what marketing was and why it was important.  It seemed pretty UN-important.  Then I created a couple of businesses and figured out that marketing is maybe the most important part of a business.  I say “maybe” because sales is arguably number one, but you won’t have anyone to sell to unless you’ve done some marketing and people are calling you asking for your service/product.  I might be spiraling into a chicken-and-the-egg type of argument with myself.

I came to FrogDog as a potential new client.  FrogDog is a Houston-based marketing firm with an international reach and it is spear-headed by Leslie Farnsworth.  When I came to Leslie with my start-up GeoBiz Technology for some help with product-naming, she walked me through the process in a way that made perfect sense.  It turned out that we weren’t ready for their services.  However,  I am excited to have an opportunity to work with her in the future.  She’s knowledgeable, passionate, honest (despite Seth Godin claiming that all marketers are liars), and just an all-around kick-ass business owner that I’m lucky to hang out with.

We met up at the Moon Tower Inn in Houston, TX.  It’s a good weather bar, but luckily Houston has a good number of sunny days.  It’s one of my favorite spots in Houston.  Good, cold, local beers.  Delicious hot dogs. Unpretentious.

Leslie has a really interesting perspective and our conversation was a lot of fun, so it was hard to cut it down to 10-15 minutes.  If your business ever needs marketing help (are you launching a new product or service?  looking to expand your business?), I highly recommend you look up FrogDog.

If you are in Houston and need a good beer (I had their house magic brownie ale and a Back Pew Sweet Salvation both were great but the house magic brownie was sweeter), go to the Moon Tower Inn.


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