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When Laura Capper says that she is passionate about new ideas, she isn’t kidding.  And I love that about talking to her.

And she focuses that passion into her business CAP Resources, based in Houston, TX.  The first time I met Laura, we had a wonderful lunch during which I mentioned this budding business, GeoBiz Technology, and her interest in what I was up to was infectious.  It wasn’t that I was not interested or passionate.  It was simply still early days and I was very unsure of the concept.  Her advice and insight had a real impact on me.  I can only imagine the impact she has on the businesses of the entrepreneurs and business owners who engage CAP Resources.

Business Owners Drinking with Lawyer-Humans - Ep 06

In this episode, we talk about quite a lot – dogs, de-stressing, family businesses (including working with a spouse), and (of course) her passion for working with technology people who have big ideas.  It was difficult for me to edit – but I ended up cutting out information about her mentorship activities at Rice University, where she is an active alumna, and about her husband’s podcast(s) which you can look up here.


We also drink a delicious wine – Amancaya Malbec/Cabernet Sauvignon.  I recommend it, if you can find a bottle.  I found ours at Spec’s.  Interesting side story: After filming this podcast episode, I plopped the wine key into my bag and promptly forgot about it.  A few days later, I was boarding a plane for a snowboarding getaway with Colin and got stopped going through security.  The wine key is a no-no for the TSA.    The TSA agent was very apologetic, but I found the whole thing quite amusing.

I hope you enjoy!


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