Business Owners Drinking w/ Lawyer-Humans – David Chaumette on Coaching & Being Coaching and Tasting Menus

I am a skeptic when it comes to people who label themselves life coaches or business coaches. Maybe it’s the engineer (and attorney) in me.

Not to say that I don’t believe in self-improvement or even that sometimes you need advice and guidance from an outside source to really move forward.  Or someone to help you up after you’ve fallen flat on your face.  Especially if you want to reach your goals quickly and efficiently.  And there are benefits to paying for that advice, guidance, and help whether in equity, or fees, or a lunch. We at LayRoots have definitely invested in coaching to help us grow our business and read a LOT of books.

So, I interviewed Mr. David Chaumette in this episode.  Business owner, attorney, coach, and person who genuinely cares about people’s businesses and lives.  He talks metrics, ROI, and holding people accountable.  Does that mean that everyone always succeeds?  No.  But as he mentions in this podcast episode, if everyone he coaches/mentors/advises succeeds, that means that he and they are not taking risks and not living fully.  Any business owner KNOWs the risks involved with breaking out onto their own but they’ve chosen to take that risk so they can pursue a dream.  They just also don’t necessarily have to do it alone.


I hope you enjoy.  I could listen to and talk to Mr. Chaumette for hours so this episode is on the longer side.  The picture above sums it up well, I think. We drink some lovely Sonoma Chardonnay, on the oaky side, and pray to the Gods that a thunderstorm doesn’t break out while we sat outside in a noisy courtyard in Sugar Land, TX.

By the way, it looks like my head is growing out of my wine glass.  This is the hazard with staging and filming with a crew of one…with the one also being an amateur and host.  Whoops!  Also, one of my favorite TED talks is the one by Tony Robbins found here.


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