1. I’ve always thought of myself as having very little bathroom stuff (especially for being female).  Living on a boat has taught me that I have more bathroom things than I thought that I did. Two brushes, three types of hair product, and a facial scrub or two?  TOO MUCH STUFF!
  2. Somewhat related to #1: I can not turn on the hairdryer and have the space heater in the living room on at the same time.  I can not turn the hairdryer on “high” ever.
  3. My bakeware does not fit in the boat oven.  HOW WILL I BAKE CAKE/MUFFINS/ANYTHING?! I do not yet know.
  4. My birthday boat brunch was, unfortunately, cancelled due to inclement weather; however, impromptu boat taco night on Friday was a big success!

Ain’t no party like a taco party