Boat Life Update!

Boat Life is still very much a dream for the Leys.  We realized, however, that since neither of us had actually lived on a boat that perhaps we could not fully appreciate the reality of boatlife.

We looked at renting a loft in South Lake Union, our #boatlife dreams crushed…but LUCKILY that loft fell through because we happened across an ad on craigslist for a boat rental!

Our lives are again full of promise and rainbows as we embark on #boatlife.  Our current state of being summed up:

We are not likely to take THIS boat out anywhere, but we’re investing in floaties to float out into Lake Union and I’ve started researching how we could potentially work/be connected while cruising to Tofino or the San Jauns in the future.

It’s looking involved…


Also, what are your yacht rock recommendations?

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